Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

R. Beryl Hunter, DMD, MD, PC

R. Beryl Hunter, DMD, MD, practices oral and maxillofacial surgery in Parker, CO. The goal of Dr. Hunter and his staff is to provide the highest quality of patient care in a personalized fashion. It is their hope that patients will leave their office feeling that they have received the best possible care, and that Dr. Hunter and his staff were genuinely concerned with their well-being.

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Hunter treats diseases of the mouth and jaws. Among the procedures performed in his office are the placement of dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth and other teeth where extraction is indicated, bone grafting including sinus lift procedures, exposure and bonding of impacted teeth, treatment of oral pathology, preprosthetic (denture) surgery and frenuloplasty procedures. 

Dr. Hunter is a board certified  oral and maxillofacial surgeon. At the time of his residency he pursued additional education obtaining a medical degree to compliment his dental degree. This medical training is invaluable in the medical management of patients and in the delivery of outpatient anesthesia in his state of the art office. 

Dr. Hunter has 3D Digital Imaging in his office to aid in the treatment planning of his surgical cases. This technology, known as Cone Beam CT, is a CAT scan of the mouth and jaws that provides precise 3D anatomic information to enable Dr. Hunter to provide the best surgical care for his patients. This technology is especially helpful in the placement of dental implants and in the management of complex impacted teeth. Dr. Hunter also has the equipment necessary for computer-assisted navigational surgery when indicated.

Our office is located at 9870 Mangano Lane, Suite 200, Parker, CO 80134

Call us at (303) 840-7400.